Monday, July 27, 2015

Sleeping with the Dragon

Americans suffering from sleeplessness brought on by a range of ailments (aches/pains, fibromyalgia, MS, restless legs, racing mind, PTSD, stress, depression) are in for a happy awakening.

Green dragon cannabis tincture, a fiery ancient extract made with pure grain alcohol (>10 drops/dose) is arguably the finest medicine nature has to offer. Since there are no after effects, sleep-deprived patients awake feeling clear-headed and OMG! RESTED!

Unlike many modern sleep aids, cannabis is not toxic and not physically addictive. Overdosing on concentrated THC can be unpleasant to the extreme, but cannabis doesn’t kill the careless; it makes them smarter.
Cannabis truth is rising fast as patient pioneers treat themselves and share what they learn. Sooner than most people imagine, mainstream Americans will finally wake up and demand back the right to choose their own medicines—in private. And as America restores cannabis patient rights, so goes the world.

Denver Post letter on Cannabis Freedom

Green dragon cannabis tincture is non-toxic
and not the least bit physically addictive

But only through the cannabis underground
Note that green dragon extracts made with pure grain alcohol
and organic Colorado cannabis can go for $300/oz.
...and all that that implies

Or learn how to make it yourself:


Free Means Free
NOT void where prohibited


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