Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Toon: The Circus on the Way to a Place Called FREEDOM

This panel was inspired by the work of misguided religious leaders, oh-so last-century moralists and prohibitionists, greedy industrialists and lying politicians.

The best example of the CRAZY in the waning years of cannabis prohibition is that while the US Surgeon General recently admitted that cannabis is medicine, the flower still remains listed as a Schedule 1 substance.

Richer still is the fact that Washington uses every agency it has to disrupt and hold back the rise of the cannabis trades, and yet, since 2003, the US has held a patent on the medicinal effectiveness of cannabinoids! US Patent # 6630507 was filed by Health & Human Services, the same agency that is still saying non-toxic cannabis is so dangerous even research ought to be carefully managed.

On the advocacy side of the circus the legalization forces have focused on the casual smoked aspects of cannabis, which is exactly what prohibition propaganda has been 'pushing' for nearly 80 years. Prior to the big drive to demonize this natural healing flower, cannabis was well known as medicine in the form of tincture. Laudanum, an opium tincture, was in all drug stores as well, but unlike cannabis tincture, was extremely addictive and potentially fatal. With the invention of pills and injectables both medicines fell from popular use because the 'modern' stuff was so easy to use.