Friday, November 27, 2015

Free Means Free

Pills, butts and booze. For nearly eighty years those have pretty much been our only legal options in this country, and indeed around the world. Americans have been lied to frightened bullied marginalized brutalized locked up and even gunned down. Socially economically politically culturally and spiritually manipulated and coerced into giving up their right to choose anything outside of an industrial-age trio of mostly toxic and addictive manufactured products.

Had enough? Have you finally had enough of elected, appointed and self-appointed leaders like Patrick Kennedy (?!) telling you what you can and can’t use for medicine for fun for solace for courage reflection inspiration motivation connection for communion or to just chill out?

Wake up Americans! It’s time to use that thing in your hand to discover the convenient truth about a certain forbidden flower that must not be named-CANNABIS! Listen. Do yourself your family your friends your community this nation and the planet a favor.

Open your eyes for god sakes! In Colorado it’s looking like a miracle medicine that just happens to come with its own enterprise frontier of green jobs and opportunities. Meanwhile, back in Prohibitionland…

Marijuana legalization is a bad idea. It sends the wrong message to children and besides the US Antipot Research Institute in Washington DC says that stuff can snare you like a rabbit and make you crazy…and without more research do we really want to risk legalizing a drug with euphoric effects when—


Just Google a name or two: Rick Simpson Shona Banda Donna Lambert Brave Mykayla Comstock tragically departed Cash Hyde Charlotte’s Web Run from the Cure… By all means put the kids on it because of course they need to learn the truth too. And the truth is that cannabis is an all-natural medicine for adults, and for sick kids pets and livestock in the care of adults.

And don’t even bring up the smoking! That’s Mary Jane, she’s the party girl in the cannabis family. Sure she’s fun and creative bright and inspirational, and while she may not be the best choice for all your healing needs, a toke or a vape can work as medicine. Why? That’s what cannabis is; medicine.

Want proof? Green dragon cannabis tincture. Ancient medicine. Queen Victoria, loved it. Her private physician JR Reynolds swore by it. Here in America Sir William Osler, founder of John Hopkins University—our father of modern medicine—he hailed cannabis tincture as the most satisfactory remedy for migraines.

These days patients treating themselves in the privacy of their own lives (imagine that) report it works for insomnia depression anxiety stress chronic pain restless legs fibromyalgia hangovers... And possibly the most remarkable news to emerge from the shadows is that green dragon can help patients battling ruinous and deadly addictions to alcohol, pills and powders.

It’s beautiful medicine. And get this. Green dragon is nothing more than (search word alert) decarboxilated (heated) cannabis soaked in pure grain alcohol, strained then (carefully because it’s flammable) simmered down to about eight drops strong.

Liquid weed. Exotic potent fiery emerald green drops in a stealthy little tinted vial. A Dionysian remedy from a time before the Great Prohibition. Safe, effective and not the least bit physically addictive. Available now, but only through the cannabis underground because our government forbids the use of grain alcohol for anything other than getting really really drunk.

In cannabis country we don’t buy into that crap anymore. Prohibition-era laws are going away because they’re wrong. And we ALL have a right to choose cannabis because it’s a plant. Christians! Genesis 1:29, right? 

Weed’s ours! God said! -cannabis 1:29

Mr. President members of Congress Federal State and Local prohibitionists industrialists drug war loyalists moralists nannies, naysayers hand-wringers and pot-bashers throughout this free country. Here this! Cannabis prohibition is finished in America and so goes the world. The war is over. Your side lost. Stand down, come clean and let the healing begin.

As for NORML and all the other legalization organizations: Thanks but we don’t need donor-supported lawyers on the beltway negotiating the terms of our freedom because there are no terms to freedom. Free means free. And that goes double for hemp.