Wednesday, December 28, 2016

DEA CBD ruling might just end the war

They've finally done it. The drug choice enforcement division of our corporate-corrupted Federal government has committed a critical error in its last-century scheme to keep cannabis (and many other medicinal plants) away from consumers--especially patients.
Placing CBD extracts on the scary drugs list of forbidden choices (Schedule 1) exposes the mission, and it's not public health and safety. The proof is in the ruling. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the safest, most therapeutic medicines nature provides; patient-tested, not physically addictive and with little or no side effects. Not even a buzz (can't have everything).
Even harder evidence to swallow; US Patent 6,630,507 [Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants]. filed way back in 2003 by none other than Health and Human Services, the same agency that continues to insist that cannabis in any form is just bad, all bad--code for serious competition.
The abolition of Prohibition is already well underway globally and in states across America. Ironically, this latest desperate act of a faltering regime may serve to hasten the inevitable; freedom.

Saturday, September 3, 2016


Free to Choose
Greetings from the Great Prohibition state of Arizona. Tucson's Sabino Canyon provides a beautiful backdrop for this call on Trump to end America's longest war.

It's a Flower!
A forceful straight-forward tune about reclaiming American-style liberties lost in the war on cannabis. Courtyard performance/Santa Fe University of Film Art & Design

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We the People of this earth have a right to do whatever we want with our own bodies. No provisos. No quid pro quos. Our bodies, our lives, our choices. Drug choice enforcers with their bullshit schedules and prisons enough for us all are finished in America; and so goes the world.

Cannabis. It's not dope, stupid. It's medicine. If you don't know; LOOK IT UP!

Cannabis for kids? Absolutely. There’s a word for parents who refuse to investigate cannabis as a medicinal option; irresponsible.

Schedule 1 is one of Washington’s grandest lies; the gate still standing as the walls come down. Forbidden plants? Sorry pal, that century ended awhile ago.

Making medicine in the privacy of your own life is a serious crime in America. We even have an agency for that. The Drug Enforcement Agency. Say that three times slow and see if you still feel free. 

Cannabis for elders. It's time for your morning vape, Mrs. Robinson…
Cannabis for creatives; the big non-secret is that weed is effective and fun in any creative field.
Clean NOT Sober. Earth-grown psychoactives, starting with cannabis, must be included in the silver linings playbook for addictions and other mental illnesses.
Religious leaders who still support the ban on cannabis are following last-century orders. Their well-meaning but deeply uninformed notions should be challenged then ignored. Cannabis 1:29. Weed’s Ours. God said.

The ancients revered earth-given psychoactives. But no matter; they're plants and as humans we all have a right to explore their secrets even if that means taking risks with our own bodies. For a list of the premier psychoactives in the world, see Schedule 1.
Cannabis oil treatment before chemo. Then come what may. Since cannabis affects everyone differently the only guarantee is that it won't kill you to try it.

Cannabis is non-toxic but that doesn't mean it's harmless. Overdoses are hellish, and avoidable. Happily, cannabis doesn't kill careless explorers; it makes us smarter.

Laws that defy the letter and intent of our Founders are not laws; they're intrusions.

Modified to acknowledge the work of leading Prohibitionists

Engaging the hostiles in Prohibitionland

CHORD PLAY PRIMER; A gift that gives the gift of skill.


Friday, August 26, 2016

Perfect Freedom

Since the primary objective of the drug war is to keep the public in the dark about the true nature of cannabis (spoiler alert; it’s medicine) it should come as no surprise that the DEA is still guarding the gates as the walls come down, or that this prohibition era is ending like the last one; by will of the states.

The founders of this country were very clear. We the People have a right to do whatever we want with our own bodies. No provisos, no quid pro quos. Our bodies, our lives, our choices. And we earn that perfect freedom by taking personal responsibility for our actions in all aspects of our lives. 

It will take a few more freed states to shame Washington into ending its longest war, but to be sure, drug choice enforcers with their bullshit schedules and prisons enough for us all are finished in America. Prohibition has no place in a free country.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cut the shit Mr. President. End the War on Drugs NOW, sir

As our country's founding papers declare in no uncertain terms, Mr. President, We the People of these United States have the right to do what we feel is best for ourselves, as long as we harm no one else. Such liberties are not negotiable [Free Means Free].

The war on drugs is a brutal, cruel and economically devastating military operation supported by a nearly eighty-year propaganda campaign that would make Mad Men weep [Lights Camera Cannabis!]. In the mix; a diabolical scheme to hold back mainstream research on a green suite of psychoactive plants [Schedule 1] and a stunningly successful campaign to keep cannabis and hemp out of business [The Cannabis Trades].

In America our epidemic overuse of alcohol and pills is a direct result of our limited choices.

To be sure, societies have been celebrating safely (and not) with alcohol and other drugs since the dawn of civilization. Hathor, for example, was (is) the Egyptian goddess of love and many other things, including joy, music, dance, beauty, culture and drunkenness. While using alcohol to excess clearly isn't new, legal, social and religious restrictions on choices didn't begin in earnest until the rise of the Romans a mere two thousand years ago.

In ancient times people understood plant medicines and inebriates as gifts of nature. They also knew at a cultural level what plants to avoid. In the Americas they used psychoactive mushrooms, peyote and ayahuasca, particularly for religious and shamanic purposes. Scandinavians seem to have favored the curiously Santa-colored amanita muscaria mushrooms, which just as curiously can make shrooming reindeer dance, prance and leap.

Cannabis sativa was an early choice for medicine in China and in India, and arrived (along with hemp) in Egypt by way of ancient trade routes [Seshat's Secret] The ancient Egyptians, who knew how to party, also adored their fabled Nile blue lotus and the mandrake--both of which figure prominently in their erotic art and love poetry [see Sacred Sexuality in Ancient Egypt by Ruth Schumann-Antelme and Stephane Rossini].

In the 'modern' world the prescribed choice for addiction is typically sobriety, except of course for the pills taken for depression and related ailments. My mom, a delightful giving woman brimming with creative talent, struggled for decades to maintain her sanity in a tragic, heart-breaking last-century existence defined by restrictive drug choices. In the late 70s my attempt to switch her to cannabis failed because a well-born eastern Yankee such as herself could not--dared not-- step that far out of line [Baking with Mom].

In cannabis country we don't buy into that crap anymore. As adults in America we are free to make our own choices and explore our own remedies. As parents in America we have the right to make mature and rational decisions in the best interests of our children. And naturally we are free to make our own cannabis medicine, share those remedies with others, and tell the truth to our kids [Shona's Secret].

End this terrible war, Mr. President. If you don't your successor will surely have to.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Free Means Free

Pills, butts and booze. For nearly eighty years those have pretty much been our only legal options in this country, and indeed around the world. Americans have been lied to frightened bullied marginalized brutalized locked up and even gunned down. Socially economically politically culturally and spiritually manipulated and coerced into giving up their right to choose anything outside of an industrial-age trio of mostly toxic and addictive manufactured products.

Had enough? Have you finally had enough of elected, appointed and self-appointed leaders like Patrick Kennedy (?!) telling you what you can and can’t use for medicine for fun for solace for courage reflection inspiration motivation connection for communion or to just chill out?

Wake up Americans! It’s time to use that thing in your hand to discover the convenient truth about a certain forbidden flower that must not be named-CANNABIS! Listen. Do yourself your family your friends your community this nation and the planet a favor.

Open your eyes for god sakes! In Colorado it’s looking like a miracle medicine that just happens to come with its own enterprise frontier of green jobs and opportunities. Meanwhile, back in Prohibitionland…

Marijuana legalization is a bad idea. It sends the wrong message to children and besides the US Antipot Research Institute in Washington DC says that stuff can snare you like a rabbit and make you crazy…and without more research do we really want to risk legalizing a drug with euphoric effects when—


Just Google a name or two: Rick Simpson Shona Banda Donna Lambert Brave Mykayla Comstock tragically departed Cash Hyde Charlotte’s Web Run from the Cure… By all means put the kids on it because of course they need to learn the truth too. And the truth is that cannabis is an all-natural medicine for adults, and for sick kids pets and livestock in the care of adults.

And don’t even bring up the smoking! That’s Mary Jane, she’s the party girl in the cannabis family. Sure she’s fun and creative bright and inspirational, and while she may not be the best choice for all your healing needs, a toke or a vape can work as medicine. Why? That’s what cannabis is; medicine.

Want proof? Green dragon cannabis tincture. Ancient medicine. Queen Victoria, loved it. Her private physician JR Reynolds swore by it. Here in America Sir William Osler, founder of John Hopkins University—our father of modern medicine—he hailed cannabis tincture as the most satisfactory remedy for migraines.

These days patients treating themselves in the privacy of their own lives (imagine that) report it works for insomnia depression anxiety stress chronic pain restless legs fibromyalgia hangovers... And possibly the most remarkable news to emerge from the shadows is that green dragon can help patients battling ruinous and deadly addictions to alcohol, pills and powders.

It’s beautiful medicine. And get this. Green dragon is nothing more than (search word alert) decarboxilated (heated) cannabis soaked in pure grain alcohol, strained then (carefully because it’s flammable) simmered down to about eight drops strong.

Liquid weed. Exotic potent fiery emerald green drops in a stealthy little tinted vial. A Dionysian remedy from a time before the Great Prohibition. Safe, effective and not the least bit physically addictive. Available now, but only through the cannabis underground because our government forbids the use of grain alcohol for anything other than getting really really drunk.

In cannabis country we don’t buy into that crap anymore. Prohibition-era laws are going away because they’re wrong. And we ALL have a right to choose cannabis because it’s a plant. Christians! Genesis 1:29, right? 

Weed’s ours! God said! -cannabis 1:29

Mr. President members of Congress Federal State and Local prohibitionists industrialists drug war loyalists moralists nannies, naysayers hand-wringers and pot-bashers throughout this free country. Here this! Cannabis prohibition is finished in America and so goes the world. The war is over. Your side lost. Stand down, come clean and let the healing begin.

As for NORML and all the other legalization organizations: Thanks but we don’t need donor-supported lawyers on the beltway negotiating the terms of our freedom because there are no terms to freedom. Free means free. And that goes double for hemp.