Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cannabis Tincture/Oil Recipe

This piece is in memory of Cash Hyde, a little boy from Montana who made news because he responded well to cannabis tincture and oil, but later died from his brain cancer when Montana closed the dispensaries. Throughout the ordeal his family was relentlessly hounded and threatened by our government. 
WAKE UP AMERICA!! Cannabis is ancient medicine that is proving effective against a wide range of ailments, including cancer. Currently available only through the cannabis underground, so here's how to make this marvelous medicine in the privacy of your own lives.

Tincture/oil making instructions for home growers

Ingredients:  1 pound dried flower room trim and about 3-4 liters of grain alcohol

Step 1:  Dry.  Spread out and dry quickly to avoid mold.  The quality of the extract, including flavor and effect, relates to the amount of top-bud in the mix.  However, lower-tier inputs (just trim, vaporized shake, shake, etc) are just fine and can be adjusted for.  

Step 2: Bake.  Spread one layer at a time on sheet pans. Checking with an oven thermometer, 'decarboxilate' at 300-310 degrees for 7 minutes.

Step 3a: SAFE & LOW METHOD: Soak the decarbed green material in grain alcohol for 10-14 days; agitate daily.

Step 3b: FAST AND SOMEWHAT DANGEROUS METHOD: Boil. Mix the trim with grain alcohol until well-soaked and sitting slightly under the liquid line.  Absorbtion rates vary so it may take more or less alcohol.  Bring to a boil and simmer for 25 minutes in a pot that either reconstitutes the alcohol (a still) or is rigged to prevent too much boil off during this first step.  DANGER!!!  THE DENSE HOT VAPOR IS EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE AND CAN BUILD UP IN CLOSED AREAS WITH EXPLOSIVE CONSEQUENCES.  USE A FAN TO DISPERSE FUMES AND DON’T SMOKE ANYTHING NEARBY.
Step 4: Strain through cheesecloth.  To prevent a potentially unpleasant overdose, wear gloves. This straight medicinal extract is called menstrum.  For most patients this lighter strength tincture requires too many drops (too much alcohol) to work for them as a medicine.

Step 5: Reduce.  Using a smaller French press seated in a pot of simmering water, bring the base to a vigorous bowl. For green dragon tincture with a dosage range of 3 to 10 drops, reduce the menstrum to 6-10 fluid ounces.  For lower-tier inputs (just trim no flowers) reduce to 3 to 5 fluid ounces. See fire caution above!

Step 6: Titrate (test)  A critical step is to determine your personal potency.  Try 2-4 drops and see how you feel in an hour. If the effect is light or not at all, wait an hour and test 5-7 drops. Repeat until you've determined your dose. No need to rush. If ten drops does nothing for you, reduce further (see step 5). Invite patients and others to test the results as well but keep in mind the effect is unique for everyone; 3 drops can feel plenty strong for a big guy while his girlfriend may feel nothing from 8 or more.

Step 7: Bottle. Tincture must be warmed up for pouring into dropper bottles. Again the French presses with metal footings are great for this since they have sharp pouring spouts.

Note to sellers and gifters: This medicine is unknown to many so use informative wraps and packaging that can show and tell the truth.  Prohibition propaganda is a war of words and images.  Fight back in kind.
FOR PASTE:  Fill a small glass votive candle holder with 4X reduction tincture (yield from 1# dry inputs ~4 oz).  Set aside or gently heat to evaporate all the remaining alcohol.  Use a wood stirrer from Starbucks to dip out a rice grain size dose.

Bandit boil in the shadows of the Great Prohibition. Rhode Island, 2010

Oh, I nearly forgot the Disclaimer: This material is presented for entertainment purposes only.  The medicinal flower that must not be named is illegal in most areas and deemed not fit for human consumption.  Our government tells us what we are permitted to use for medicine and we ought to follow those rules since they have our best interests in mind.


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  2. One of the things that makes cannabis so special is that it can be prepared in many different ways, each with it's own therapeutic profile (Release: fast/slow, Duration: brief/long, Dosing: Light/Heroic). And since it never kills, patients can safely experiment on themselves and figure out what works for them.

  3. Tony's Hemp Emporium had a cannabis tincture like this in London, Tony only wanted to sell to people in need, then former MI5 officer David Shayler came along and twisted his arm to get a bottle - Tony was upset! It was funny...different country, different laws.
    It is legal to grow industiral Cannabis sativa in the UK, and not so many pot arrests. Another funny story - Rob Free Cannabis made an appointment to be arrested, showed up outside a police station in London, with some plants, and never got arrested.
    Anyway, we gotta make it legal in the US - so there is a petition going to Obama - anyone can sign - it's up at
    Also check out for more info and events!

    1. The most effective petitions are run
      Get the petition going, ask Facebook users to share and watch it take off.

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