Saturday, September 3, 2016


Free to Choose
Greetings from the Great Prohibition state of Arizona. Tucson's Sabino Canyon provides a beautiful backdrop for this call on Trump to end America's longest war.

It's a Flower!
A forceful straight-forward tune about reclaiming American-style liberties lost in the war on cannabis. Courtyard performance/Santa Fe University of Film Art & Design

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We the People of this earth have a right to do whatever we want with our own bodies. No provisos. No quid pro quos. Our bodies, our lives, our choices. Drug choice enforcers with their bullshit schedules and prisons enough for us all are finished in America; and so goes the world.

Cannabis. It's not dope, stupid. It's medicine. If you don't know; LOOK IT UP!

Cannabis for kids? Absolutely. There’s a word for parents who refuse to investigate cannabis as a medicinal option; irresponsible.

Schedule 1 is one of Washington’s grandest lies; the gate still standing as the walls come down. Forbidden plants? Sorry pal, that century ended awhile ago.

Making medicine in the privacy of your own life is a serious crime in America. We even have an agency for that. The Drug Enforcement Agency. Say that three times slow and see if you still feel free. 

Cannabis for elders. It's time for your morning vape, Mrs. Robinson…
Cannabis for creatives; the big non-secret is that weed is effective and fun in any creative field.
Clean NOT Sober. Earth-grown psychoactives, starting with cannabis, must be included in the silver linings playbook for addictions and other mental illnesses.
Religious leaders who still support the ban on cannabis are following last-century orders. Their well-meaning but deeply uninformed notions should be challenged then ignored. Cannabis 1:29. Weed’s Ours. God said.

The ancients revered earth-given psychoactives. But no matter; they're plants and as humans we all have a right to explore their secrets even if that means taking risks with our own bodies. For a list of the premier psychoactives in the world, see Schedule 1.
Cannabis oil treatment before chemo. Then come what may. Since cannabis affects everyone differently the only guarantee is that it won't kill you to try it.

Cannabis is non-toxic but that doesn't mean it's harmless. Overdoses are hellish, and avoidable. Happily, cannabis doesn't kill careless explorers; it makes us smarter.

Laws that defy the letter and intent of our Founders are not laws; they're intrusions.

Modified to acknowledge the work of leading Prohibitionists

Engaging the hostiles in Prohibitionland

CHORD PLAY PRIMER; A gift that gives the gift of skill.