Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Can Nabisri Sing? Absolutely

The movement to restore our right to choose and responsibly use cannabis, a wondrous and versitle plant that grows naturally upon the earth, is about words and impressions.  For nearly a century generations of Americans have been raised to believe substances created for them by growth-obsessed, profit-driven businesses are better than, even safer than, plants in their natural state. 

This is the age of communications, and yet the main force of the legalization movement is still fighting the same old war; holding fun and festive smoke-ins and negotiating baby-step measures with lawmakers who know nothing about this plant and believe they were elected to oppose reform.  Or maybe they're Christians who choose to ignore Genesis 1:29 and have no problem with the fact that their God-given free will has been taken away in service to the Industrial Revolution. 

Patients like Shona Banda are coming forward with remarkable stories of how cannabis can heal.  In cannabis country (Western Maine, for ex) folks have slashed their drug store expenditures by making their own medicine--and in some cases saved themselves from prescriptions that were killing them.  Alcoholics are using cannabis to save themselves as well.  The truth is out there.

We are in the midst of a deep recession, healthcare costs are out of control, and our corporatized militarized goverment continues to insist (with guns at the ready) that cannabis is of no medical or enterprise value.  The only reason they can still get away with that is because the convenient truth about cannabis has not yet reached the American people.  When it does, the walls will come down and the healing will begin...

Can Nabrisi Sing?  Absolutely.