Monday, April 6, 2015

GOT TRIM? Barter for Green Dragon Tincture. The Real Thing; 8 drops strong

Care Growers! Here’s an opportunity to turn ‘hash-grade’ trim into ancient medicine that also happens to be the world’s finest hangover remedy—and a powerfully therapeutic non-smoked option for patients. Flavor choices; peppermint, spearmint and lavender. Our lab can also create customized flavors, strength profiles and packaging.

The Dragon Returns
Stealthy, slow-starting and long-lasting, green dragon cannabis tincture is a Dionysian remedy from a time before the Great Prohibition. This concentrated THC in a dark dropper vial connects us to our pharmacological past—ancient potions, forgotten remedies, salves, lotions, ointments, syrups and miraculous elixirs. Until the 1920's, cannabis tincture was available at every neighborhood pharmacy.  Then came the industrial age where hemp and cannabis were banned and demonized because they were a competitive threat.

The Truth Squirts
After nearly eighty years, prohibition-era propaganda has ‘successfully’ turned the world against cannabis. Entire populations are now under the impression that marijuana is just pot, a smoked party weed some folks call medicine; probably no better than alcohol.
That’s why this green dragon is so important. Since a good dose only takes a few drops, this extract looks and acts like ‘modern’ medicines—except it won’t kill careless patients!

High-value Medicine from Trim
This arrangement is an advocacy program that puts vials of Green Dragon XX (gdxx) into the hands of growers who will introduce their friends, family and clients to this ancient medicine. Yield from one pound of bone-dry trim ranges from 8-12 fluid ounces of ‘eight drops strong’ gdxx (see pic for current market value). Vials come with information wraps; history, applications and safe use.

Barter Split
We generally process in one-pound batches but can work with as little as 4 ounces. Our lab covers all expenses; alcohol, processing and packaging. The lab/grower split is 50-50 for the first five pounds processed and 40-60 for the second five pounds. After ten pounds our regular clients receive 80% of the yield on all processing.

Pick-up and Delivery
Let’s arrange to meet up somewhere between Boulder and Lafayette. Cost for pick-up and delivery in the Boulder/Denver area; 6 drams.