Friday, October 24, 2014

Reducing over-consumption of alcohol with potent cannabis tincture. Great for hangovers, too!

Potent green dragon tincture is an astonishingly effective medicine for a wide range of maladies, including migraines, anxiety, chronic pain, PMS and sleep disorders. A bigger story is about to break.

HEADLINE NEWS:  Dragon Drops Help Drinkers Drink Less

Green dragon XX cannabis tincture, a REVOLUTIONARY OLD MEDICINE is proving to be a lifesaver for people suffering from the effects of too much drink, including friends and family members who must endure the disease right along with the sufferer.

'Sensible' approach SAM president Kevin Sabet worries that adding cannabis to the mix in low income areas of DC will add to the problems they already have with alcohol. Here he is debating on CNN.

QUESTION: What if the truth was precisely the opposite; what if super-potent cannabis tincture could actually help alcohol abusers back away from behavior that's ruining and ending their lives?

ANSWER: The war would be over and you, Mr. Sabet would be looking for a new mission.

Late one afternoon, a young man celebrating his 21st drops by a grow house in Rhode Island with a fifth of rum.  An infamous trouble maker and aggressive drunk, he’s well underway with a loud promise to polish off the bottle by midnight.
He’s there to buy weed from one of several black-market growers who’ve gathered to sample the latest batch from the tincture guy. They supply him with trim and grain alcohol, and he brews up some potent cannabis extracts, minus his fee in vials. He listens and learns from his lab bench while they dose and talk cannabis .
The arrival of the loud dude interrupts a chat about using edibles and extracts for ADHD instead of ‘modern’ meds. The old medicine maker sets down his glasses and swivels away from his well-lit filling station holding up a tiny amber dram vial.
“For your birthday, my friend! Two hundred drops of liquid weed, made with pure alcohol. Green dragon double X; eight drops strong.”
He aims the vial at the bottle; “To party with the dragon, just dose that with this.”
The big guy loves the idea, and from then on, every shot gets drops. Ninety minutes later the rabble rouser is still there and smiling up from the couch.
 “Wow…whoa…I had no idea…this shit is real medicine, huh?”

He drank a lot less that night, had just as much fun, and woke up feeling fine.