Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stoners! Unite Us! Unite the Fans!

Recreational cannabis fans listen up.  There’s a war on in case you haven’t noticed, and thanks to the internet we're the first generation of cannabis consumers with the power to end the insanity and restore our right to choose.  How?  By using that device in your hand to quietly search for, discover, and share the medicinal truth.

Start the search with names like Shona Banda, David Trippett, Cashy Hyde, and Rick Simpson.  Every fan of the world’s favorite forbidden flower ought to be familiar with the work of these patients and pioneers, and be able to share those stories of cannabis healing with friends and family members who are ready to hear it.  On the political front, these names can be used to politely reveal, on camera, that our leaders are either full of shit like Obama, or taken in by the system like Romney.  

On the economic front, cannabis represents a clear and present danger to the bottom lines of some of the most powerful industries on earth, including energy, liquor, textiles, drugs, chemicals, paper, prisons, and Federal agencies.  After a reign of nearly eighty years, prohibitionists are well-practiced in the art of deception and delay.  Many of them still believe they can keep cannabis—from medicine to enterprise—out of the mainstream or at least under strict control.

This week, for example, our government is pretending to review cannabis for reclassification.  It’s a cruel sham, much like when Nixon asked for the report and then tore up the report.  Even if they do decide to reschedule (while claiming to be shocked that pot might be medicine), you can bet they’ll fight tooth and nail to hold back the flood of research and reveals that will surely follow.  

The whole charade is exposed by a seven digit number; patent 6,630,507, filed in 2003 and owned by OUR government.  It’s entitled Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants.  Nuff said.  On the faith front, the lie runs so deep that Christians obediently ignore the Words of their Father.  Genesis 1:29. Cannabis is ours. God said.

Caught by surprise by favorable patient-use studies coming out of free states, the communication revolution, and by the rise of stealthy home cultivation for personal use, industrialists, with mighty assistance from Washington, are now scrambling as quietly as possible to deal themselves in and claim their share.  As usual, their share will be as much as they get using every means at their disposal, including our military.

It’s the freedom fight of the century, and we’re up against a regime that has managed to convince the world, with guns at the ready and big media on their side, that we smoke with tobacco, party with booze, and heal with pills.  Not in cannabis country we don’t.  Not all the time, anyway.

420 fans!  Closet tokers!  Marijuana moms!  Stiletto stoners!  Join the revolution, and by all means stick to the shadows.  Search, explore and share the medicinal truth in the privacy of your own lives.  And name names.  Because as the truth comes out, the walls come down.   


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  2. Great article i loved it! even here in california, where it is LEGAL to indulge in the goodness of cannabis, dispensaries are being shut down by the feds. join the fight

    I just got a honey tincture for the first time last night. Just took a small dose but it was great!

  3. The legality of Cannabis sativa is an issue that has to be decided, and better by us/We The People than by some politicians with special interests. So we can sow fields of Cannabis sativa, which used to be commonplace in the US - there is lots of activism in place from grassroots to US Presidential candidates - and they are now working to get a petition to Obama - anyone can sign - it's up at
    Lots of info also at
    Here's to 2013, let's MAKE IT LEGAL!
    Also check out for more info and events!

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