Sunday, September 23, 2012

How I met myTaylor

It was a dark and stormy night
Christmas Eve 2005
Amherst, NH
Newly un-married,
I duck into The Guitar Gallery
To search for a Taylor 714ce
I'd played many times. 
Rosewood back. Spruce on top. Great sound. 
And so very kind to an unskilled player like myself!
Earlier that year I'd come across a kid's mini guitar in my half of the stuff. 
The rusty, high-action strings tore at my fingers and the tinny sound fit the mood;
Late-40s guy trying to forget all that was good and all that is gone...
Excuse me; where's that 714?
It just sold.
Oh, wow...damn...
He'd seen me in his shop
Knew I couldn't play
Taking pity on this night of all nights
The young man excused himself from
The customer I just interrupted
And quickly returned with
 A Special Edition 414ce
Rosewood and spruce
I find a quiet corner
The resonance
The feel
The happy, sad sad tears.
Wrap it up.  Merry Christmas to me.

My first spring enjoying my Taylor with Riley (RIP)

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  1. Nice poem...I never thought I'd see this, but I was on a site where they talked about guitars from Canada now being made of hemp - has it, late Dec 2012 posting.
    Canada is into it since they can grow it, but the US can't - though it used to be commonplace in the US - and can be again - lots of activism in place from grassroots to US Presidential candidates - and they are now working to get a petition to Obama - anyone can sign - it's up at