Saturday, March 30, 2013

At the Mall

Nothing much has changed at the mall
Since I was young, except…
Now I’m not.

The babes are still there
Dressed to excess and trolling 
For guys who gaze on cleavage
The way men who covet cars
Check out the grill:

So whatchu got?  Sweet... 
Can I have a ride? 

And when those pretty little things encounter
Old men’s eyes they smile, as if to say;
You’d kill for a piece of this, wouldn’t you? 
How little they know about how little they know!

At the mall I saw a dog collar for the price of a pair of shoes.
A pair of shoes for the price of an outfit.
An outfit for the price of a car.

And I saw pretty little things in lovely cars purchased 
For the price of a comfy home.

CEH 3.13

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