Monday, July 11, 2011

The Truth Squirts

A January CBS News poll asked, "If a loved one had an illness for which medical marijuana might be prescribed, would you support or oppose that use?"  Seventy-seven percent said they would support the use, which sounds pretty good except when you consider that 18 percent--around 55 million Americans--would still oppose the use of this famously safe and effective medicinal herb.  I see this all the time in New England, where illness sufferers are plagued by well-meaning close relatives angrily insisting that they stick with 'modern', legally prescribed remedies.

Ironically, the freedom movement continues to reinforce the impression that cannabis is an alternative substance for alternative people.  'Outreach' festivals are fun and colorful events, but they are jammed with binge-bonging and binge-toking young adults and old stoners for whom weed is just another party drug.  Media coverage typically features fat joints, bongs and vapor bags.
Cannabis tincture squirts away that social separation and drug war mythology.  There's no smoke, no 'laced' foods or paraphernalia; just a 'back to the future' extract in a tinted dropper bottle that looks like it belongs in every medicine cabinet (which it does). 

Doubters should Google Dr. William Osler (1849-1919).  Dr. Osler was the founder of John Hopkins and is often called the father of modern medicine.  In his renowned text Principles and Practices of Medicine, he said cannabis tincture was 'the most satisfactory' remedy for migraines.  It still is.

For alcohol-partiers, cannabis tincture can be an awesome hangover remedy that invites a deeper appreciation of the gentle, therapeutic nature of this so-called 'recreational' drug.  Tincture of cannabis is of course not available in drug stores, but that's just fine since it's easy to make on your own using either high-proof alcohol or glycerine as the base. 

For patients in prohibition states who decide to join the 'treat yourself' movement ahead of the inevitable restoration of our right to choose and responsibly use this garden flower, there are tons of recipes and helpful titration (dosage) guidance online.

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